The Art of “Knowing” the Consumer

kulturHow many times have you heard somebody exclaiming: “This idea won’t work. I wouldn’t do this.” Tricky one, isn’t it? And all attempts of bringing an idea to life were in vain.

Okay, I confess. I said it. I probably said it a few times. I’m guilty of confusing the consumer with myself. When I was working in London for an international packaging company, we were working on some consumer insight research. We wanted to understand consumers in their drinking and eating behaviors as well as their packaging preferences across the world.

Germany was also a market we were looking at. Being German, I seriously believed that most Germans would prepare their lunch back at home and take it to work. Because I did it (funnily I stopped doing it, when I moved to the UK). And some of the people I knew did it. Fundamentally, I thought, Germans are a nation of homemade lunch packers. Oh boy, I was so mistaken. Our research showed that the majority of Germans actually bought their food “on the go”.

Trust me. Since then statistics are my best friends, and numbers are the best arguments anyway. I hesitate creating strategies or deciding on tactics, before I’m sure to “know the customer”.


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