Standing out from the Crowd

avatar_birthLike my avatar? Yes, it’s self-made.

Do I hear you laughing? Well, you are not first. My little MarketinGorilla already had a lot to endure. I was seriously asked, if he was wearing high heels, if he was actually a “she” (I wonder which features do suggest he is a female?) and why he has such a funny look on his face.

As a marketer looking for a unique feature to her blog, I obviously contacted a professional graphic designer: Stilfreund in Bonn. I like his work. We’ve had a short conversation about what I wanted, and when I put down the receiver it suddenly popped into my mind that I could give it a go myself. Just for fun.

Okay. I’m clearly not a graphic designer. Now we have evidence. And I admit, I changed his eyes and lips over and over. I got furious. I wanted him to look a bit aggressive. However, no matter what I did, the out most he did was sulking.

In the end, I grew quite fond of him. He is unique. Not perfect, but he stands out from the crowd. I hope, you will like him, too.


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