Leadership – My Dedicated Team

Last weekend I got  a phone call from my friend Denise. We chit chatted a bit until she told me about her recent BBQ with her team. Another attempt of her boss in building a team. Luckily, the weather wasn’t too bad that evening. The food was indeed nice, but the mood was a bit akward. After dinner, people vanished quickly, and the next day, everyone moaned about the waste of time. The team spirit wasn’t any better than before the BBQ.

What do you consider sucessfull team building? From my point of view, a random group of people work best together as soon as they have the same objectives. Ideally, these should be the yearly objectives that even the CEO has.

These objectives must than be broken down into the individual team’s objectives (top-down cascading system). Once people aim for the same goal, they HAVE to work together. A joint team event might than be a less obvious team building event, but actually a nice leisure event.

Would you agree? Denise and I are curious to hear your suggestions.   


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