8 Promotional Tips for Quick Wins that Only Cost a Bargain

City marketing Amsterdam

I am sterdam: City marketing Amsterdam

Just back from a lovely, sunny week’s holiday with friends and family in Amsterdam and North-Holland. Uh, I should be a Marketing Ambassador for Amsterdam. And for the UK, actually. And did I mention Switzerland as well as Germany…? I could go on and on.

Well, let’s better focus on what I brought with me for you guys: I hunted some promotional ideas for you, and gathered the following list that might inspire you on how to pick some low hanging fruits – short-term. These are – by no means – new ideas. However, in combination with each other and/or with your online and social media activities they can become very creative. Please bear in mind, it’s not a substitute for a solid brand and marketing (communication) concept.

  1. Promotion at Gamma store and café bar in ING  bank

    Promotion at Gamma store and café bar build-in in a ING branch

    If you have a product or service of high quality, let people try it out. Once you give something for free, it’s hard for people to not return you a favor (or sale).

  2. Special offers – are like opening your arms wide to welcome bargain shoppers. 20% off – First half hour for free – Buy two, get one free…
  3. A member or client bonus card. Ideal for customer retention.
  4. Word of mouth. Best promotion you can have out of all. Offer your clients a certain amount on their next purchase, if one of their friends or family members buy from you.
  5. Create a lucky draw around your products or services, so you have something to talk about. Think about attractive prizes. Ensure it’s within promotional law, that is e.g. “suitable for kids and adults, not linked to any purchase…”.
  6. Affiliate marketing. Find partners that offer a complementary product or service. Communicate via them and vice versa.
  7. Offer different levels e.g. of memberships or mark products and services premium, gold, silver, linked to different services and offers.
  8. You have happy clients? Ask them for their feedback and communicate it.
Albert Heijn in-store promotion for e-reader

Get the summer feeling: Albert Heijn in-store promotion for e-reader

What are your experiences and ideas? Can we create the longest list together?


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