The 3 Topics that Work Best with Social Media

Steer your communication  in a way that people develop trust and follow  you

Steer your communication in a way that people develop trust and follow you. Picture by Carlos Lopez-Barillas, 2013

In my last post I mentioned how important the analytical part and a strategy is to enter the social media playground.

Once you have done that, you need to create relevant content that is in line with your social media and overall marketing/communication strategy. Everyone, who has done PR knows that you can’t always wait for your company to go through major events. You need to create events that you can turn into stories.

Independent of your strategy and your communication tools, here are the topics that work best in a social media context:

News, news, news. Yes, brand new news. Everyone within the social media world wants to be first to share news. This way, they have a chance to be a leader within their respective communities. They profit from your ability to develop news will create loyal followers.

Humor. Good, intelligent humor is a pretty good warrant for liking and sharing. However, it needs to fit into your overall strategy and tonality. If you manage to deliver your message with humor, you’ll be able to generate likes and fans.

Social or green marketing as a campaign empowers you for brilliant social media content. Social media is about people with visions and values. They are not only customers. They are in the center of your communication and marketing efforts. Hence, create content that is social, emotional and easy to like. Be careful with political topics. They can become a torpedo, but difficult to control.

As for your brand equity, it is important that you embed your brand message into these topics. Finally, don’t forget to measure your results.

Overall, aim to inspire and to make your brand leader of its category!


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