Confessions of a Marketer

How can I make him stand out more? Picture by Carlos Lopez-Barillas, 2013

How can I make him stand out more? Picture by Carlos Lopez-Barillas, 2013

Being a marketer isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a burden.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with Dorothe and Sabine in a nice café in Zurich. They are two of the co-authors of our book of short stories. We discussed our book and a couple of others subjects, we could further explore upon. We just bounced some ideas off, and I gave some unwanted lectures on promotions and brands. All in a sudden, Dorothe and Sabine made me realise, how much I live in marketing mode. I can’t help it, I turn everything into a business idea or a future brand. At least, they were amused…

In contrast, I left the café in deep thoughts: Should I go and see a therapist? Are there actually any therapists for addicted marketeers? Is there an “AM community” (Anonymous Marketers) anywhere out there? And then: Probably not. Should I found one? I could make it popular. Okay, where would I find my target group? I could do affiliate marketing with marketing associations, I could…. STOP!

Mark Zuckerberg never showed up!

Another story of my life is my marriage. Getting married wasn’t only about bringing our love to the next level of commitment. To me, it was also a question of “re-branding”. I mean, I was about to change my name!!!

So while my future husband was planning our wedding, I was planning my re-branding. (Sorry, Darling! For the audience: he’s subscribed to my blog.) For the wedding ceremony, he invited friends and family, while I had obviously plenty of industry leaders and influencers written down on the list, disguised as “friends and family”. (Weird and impolite: Mark Zuckerberg never showed up!) Afterwards, I also cut my hair short. Total new style. New name. New brand. Well, sort of.

I don’t buy by a brand’s name

As a marketer, I’m also not brand loyal. Shouldn’t I buy successful brands and – by doing so – show my recognition for other marketers that are doing a fantastic job? I can’t help it, I’m always skeptical. Despite the fact, that I am doing marketing within the scope of ethics and honesty myself, I trust my colleagues out there think the same. Just one brand disappointment, and we are caught out. It spreads within minutes on the web. Yet – I don’t buy by a brand’s name. I buy according to my inner price-value-algorithms or according to product comparisons. Both is very time-consuming and can be exhausting.

I wonder, which brand is going to hook me into its brand story? Will I then miraculously turn into a normal customer and citizen? Identify myself with brands, wanting to be like the people in their ads and not wasting time on my price-value-algorithms and comparisons? Simply trusting its promises?

Oh, life would be so easy!

P.S.: @Mark Zuckerberg: The wedding event was awesome. You really missed out on something special.


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Marketer

  1. Dorothe

    Liebe Claudia, deine Confessions sind so was von wahr. Ich sehe da eine weitere Buchidee auf dich zukommen! LG Dorothe


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