Blog Parade: MarketinGorilla – Report of an Addiction

Austrian  blogger Alexandra Steiner has developed the idea of the “Blogparade”. This is a smart way of blogger relations (See also Brian Solis: 10 Steps to Building a better Blogger Relation Program), where people write about one given subject, shared on Andrea’s page, that links back to the various blogger’s sites. This time, I’ve taken part and contributed with my story about how I started blogging. That was the given subject. Because her page is in German, I’ll also have – as a one-off – a German article in my blog. Sorry for any inconvenience!

MarketinGorilla: Report of an Addiction

Honestly, my blog story “MarketinGorilla” is a classic story of a successive addiction. I wanted to start a marketing blog for some time, but never got round to do it. Just for fun, and because I can’t or want to do anything else but generating leads, increasing ROI’s, making customers happy and implementing complex projects. That’s my passion.

1st phase, initiation phase: “I wanted to try it just once!”

As per Facebook (FB) I was very critical from its start. Consumer data are, of course, everything that counts for us “old seducers of sales”: Tell me who you are and what you like and I’ll tell you exactly why you need to have my product.

But soon it was clear that I, as marketer, had to dig deeper into this topic everyone talked about. Hence, I created my profile on FB. I wanted to try it just once. It was nothing but a field study, of course …

What an overwhelming experience: Suddenly all my past friends popped up again out of nowhere. Be it Christiane, Monika and Achim, Mickey and Iris. Many of my old school and university friends or former work colleagues re-entered my life. I have had no contact with most of them for ages. With the increasing number of my FB friends, I took off my inhibitions to share information. The first step to addiction had taken place imperceptibly.

2nd phase, critical phase: “Are you on Facebook?”

The result was foreseeable: I was very quickly emotionally hooked into this entire FB thing. It had become an integral part of my social life. When I met a new person, my second question usually was: “Are you on Facebook?” (My first question is obviously about their names.) Why talk further? On FB you can get easily all other details about this person anyway. So to speak backwards to birth! What more could you ask for?

In psychology this is called “evasive behaviour towards the environment” or simply “the critical phase”. You shut yourself away from your natural environment.

Quickly, it became clear to me that I had to learn more about social media movements. From school days I still knew Anja Beckmann (Red Mod Communications & Travel on Toast). I wrote to her and asked, if she would give me a training session via Skype.

Well, I will not go as far as to call Anja a “dealer”. After all, she had warned me of Twitter…

Blindfolded, I slipped into the next phase of addiction.

3rd phase, chronic phase: I even did it on sunny days

Then my addiction really took off: During a bit of spare time, I tortured myself for a day with WordPress. It was raining anyway. On another rainy day (and we’ve had many in Switzerland this year), I wrote my first post and began to tweet like a bird. Finally, I did it even on sunny days. I was downright pulled into the dependency of Twitter & Co. It happened easily and quickly by the power of followers, likes and the sharing, or even by the inspiration you get from others. I remember – my first 5*-rating: My husband and I had wondered, if we should quickly expand the number of visitor parking spaces in front of our house. My first “like”: I was almost on it to get autographs designed.

(At this point, a quick editorial note to all of whom read my blog and then give me a call, write e-mails or meet to tell me that they truly like my blog:  This is the wrong channel, folks! Wink! Wink!)

However, the total loss of control had begun.

4th Phase: Exit?!

Actually…. no, I don’t think so. Social Media is the only addiction that I accept and that I can live with. It’s not just a trend, it is established in behaviour and in the minds of its manifold fans. It has great influence on the way we communicate and what we decide. It develops its own dynamics starting from the perception of brands, the birth of new industries through to political changes. Hence, I will –  entirely self-determined – stick to it.

Next time: More marketing secrets again…


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