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Touché! You just hit the MarketinGorilla blog.

This is your blog of trust, where you get free advice, ideas and success stories on marketing, communication, leadership and business strategies. Moreover, this blog is about YOUR success story. Tell me! Release your MarketinGorilla!

Why should I do that?

Because you can spread the word about this article in your social networks. It’s your chance to be heard and seen in this world outside – forgive me –  a boring “curriculum vitae”. I believe, this is going to help you in your career, because your CV suddenly comes to life. You are telling a story…

Do I have to pay?

No, you certainly don’t have to pay. I’m doing serious journalism here. I want professional content. I want business stories from professionals for professionals that raise eyebrows and inspire other people. I’m therefore picky and fuzzy on people and their stories.

Can I tell “insights” from my company?

Don’t ask me, ask your boss. It’s like giving an interview to any other business magazine. The difference might be: People can give feedback on your article. And since fidelity and business ethics are two of my most important business principles, I also want them to be seen in the stories I publish.

Alternatively, there is always the choice of not mentioning the company’s name, if you’ve already left. Naturally, we are also not going to blame anyone or gossip about earlier colleagues or bosses.

How does it work?

  • If you work in marketing, communication or lead a team in this area and
  • If you have a success story
  • Contact me …
  • … in English, German, French or Dutch. I publish in English only.

I will challenge your story for its grade of innovation or business acumen. I will interview you and turn your success story into a professional article or video.


  • E-mail me at MarketinGorilla(at)gmail(dot)com.
  • Follow me.
  • Like me.
  • Feedback me where you see fit, so I can improve.