Me : About

My name is Claudia. Claudia Brüggemann. I’m a European with German roots. Well, actually with Bavarian roots. If you have ever been to Bavaria, you might have noticed that people are very serious about their home state and the discussions about its borders.

I started relocating when I was ten and blamed my parents, because it was definitively outside these borders. However, after getting settled what took me another nine years, I studied communications, politics and economics in Dusseldorf. Cool town, cool times. Nevertheless, to cut a long story short, I moved another seventeen times: from house to house, city to city and country to country. (In German, we call it “Wanderlust-Virus”). Eventually, I met my Dutch husband in Switzerland and settled down with him in the Canton of Zurich.

I have fifteen years of international marketing experience from consultancy and working in management roles in various industries. Particularly in London, I picked up a lot on marketing strategies and tactics. Apart from that I have also worked successfully as an online journalist, creating an online magazine for the design and gift industry back in Germany. (Nowadays it’s called content marketing. ;-))

In my little spare time I like hiking (my husband is a living country map), getting lost on city trips, running, Yoga & Pilates, arts, literature and much more including family and friends. I’m also about to publish my first book of short stories with a group of lovely co-writers. In fact, I have so many interest that I hope for a long retirement.

I hope you do enjoy this blog. Maybe, you’ll also become a MarketinGorilla…? Looking forward to your opinion, to your comments and obviously to hear your success story.


Yours Claudia



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